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kayakingWhile visiting Summit County, Colorado, it’s a good idea to check out one of the many places to get involved in outdoor activities such as kayaking. These spots are for both thrill-seekers and beginners who are just starting out with kayaking. We’ve narrowed it down to a few attractive spots to kayak in Summit County, Colorado for you. Let’s take a look at these places and what each has to offer!

Dillion Reservoir

One of the popular spots to kayak and also Canoe is Dillon Reservoir located in Frisco. In the heart of Frisco Bay Marina is a certified clean marina. The bay is located on the shores of the scenic Dillon Reservoir. Frisco Bay Marina offers many amenities; however, one of the popular services is kayak rentals. There are Single and Tandem Kayaks. The Single kayaks are ideal for guests who wish to command their own craft. The minimum age for guest to use the full-size kayaks is 12. There’s also kid-specific kayaks for ages 7-12. The kayaks for kids come with a tether, so if the kid can’t paddle, the parent may tow them. There’s also tandem kayaks available that hold two people. Tandem kayaking is an excellent choice for taking out a child who’s not able to go out on their own. Tandem kayaking requires someone who’s older than 12 to command the craft, and the minimum weight for a child passenger is 30 lbs.

Dillon Marina

Next to Dillion Reservoir, you have another popular destination. The Dillon Marina is a spot for lovers of land and water. This fun-loving marina is suited for all ages. In the beautiful Rocky Mountains is 25 miles of shoreline. They have a full fleet of boards that range from single to tandem sit on top kayaks. Kayaks are also available for the family/group. After a fun day out in the water, feel free to unwind at the popular Lakeside Tiki Bar. The Lakeside Tiki Bar is considered one of the best beach bars in Colorado.

Ten Mile Creek

If you’re an experienced river kayaker and looking for a challenge in Summit County, there’s Ten Mile Creek. It runs through Frisco and a kayak park in Breckenridge. The starting point for Ten Mile Creek is just below Curtain Ponds of Officer’s Gulch and ends in Lake Dillon Reservoir in Frisco, Colorado. It’s advised to scout the in-town river section before the adventure begins. The creek can be very tight, rocky, and at times tricky to navigate. For parking, your best bet is to park your vehicle at the Town of Frisco Marina. Parking at the marina is free, but it’s known to fill up quickly over the weekends.

Lodging in Summit County, Colorado

After a full day of kayaking, you will want to head back to a place for relaxation. There are many different options you have for a place to stay in Summit County. Depending on how many people are in your group, you can opt to rent an affordable vacation home near some of these popular kayaking spots through Bighorn Rentals. There are smaller and larger rental options depending on the exact number of people in your party.

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