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  • March27th

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    Unique Gift Ideas for the Hipster in Your LifeHipsters can be difficult to shop for. They are up on all the latest trends and usually have very particular tastes, but you can’t just pretend like your forgot their birthday or ignore them over the holidays. Besides, shopping for hipsters can be fun. Sometimes, you find really interesting things, but sometimes you come up empty handed. For those situations, here are a few ideas to make sure your favorite hipster’s gifts are covered. Continue reading “Unique Gift Ideas for the Hipster in Your Life” »

  • March14th

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    toxicology reportOne thing I’ve always been curious about when I see stories of celebrity deaths (and there were a lot this past year) is how a toxicology report is done. Every time someone passes, it seems the media inevitably says something along the lines of “we’re awaiting the results of the toxicology report.” But what is a toxicology report and how is it done?

    Toxicology testing is the testing for drugs in a person’s body after their death. It is used in forensic work to determine cause of death. In other instances, it may be done at the workplace when employees are tested for drug use or in sports professionals to ensure they are drug free and not using banned substances. After testing, a toxicology report is issued that determines the contents found in a person’s body. Here is how it’s done. Continue reading “How is a Toxicology Report Done?” »

  • January27th

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    You will more than likely be operating a forklift if you recently got a new job at a warehouse or in manufacturing. So, what do you wear? It’s important to put your safety first whenever you operate machinery. Now that you have your forklift operating license, it’s time to learn what to wear while operating. Here are some tips for anyone that operates a forklift for work.

    Continue reading “What to Wear When Operating a Forklift” »