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  • September20th

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    Having a fall wedding has become increasingly popular over the past few years. The weather is often much cooler and depending on where your wedding will take place, there may be some beautiful fall foliage. There will be plenty of fall-themed decors to use and lots of gorgeous colors to incorporate. One of the most scenic states that comes to mind when thinking about fall weddings is Vermont. In southern Vermont, where it won’t be as cold as the north, you’ll get to experience the beauty of fall foliage at your wedding. Here are some ideas to help plan a fall wedding in southern Vermont.

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  • September5th

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    Halloween is a fun time of year full of celebrations, treats, and maybe even a few tricks. Charleston is a place that combines its rich history with many of the Halloween-based events. Listed below are a few great Halloween events happening in the Charleston area this year.

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  • August16th

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    With summer quickly coming to a close, it makes the perfect time to sneak away for a romantic weekend before it starts to get colder outside. Lake Tahoe is a popular destination year-round, with a sweet spot in the transition between summer and fall when it is not as busy. Below we have some suggestions for planning your romantic weekend getaway in Lake Tahoe. Continue reading “Planning a Romantic Getaway to Lake Tahoe” »

  • August9th

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    Beginning in 1935 and held every year since then, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival has staged more than 30,000 performances. The festival entertains in excess of twenty million attendees, making it one of the world’s most popular annual celebrations of the works of the legendary English dramatist and playwright: William Shakespeare.
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  • July24th

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    With a name like Winter Park, one would think that Winter Park, CO only provides visitors with things to do during the winter months. While there are lots of fun winter activities to partake in, Winter Park also hosts a variety of things to do for visitors during the summer. Along with its gorgeous scenery, there are also various art and culture events happening.  Here are a few of the summer arts and culture events going on near Winter Park, CO.

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  • June26th

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    West Palm Beach, Florida is rich in cultural attractions. You will find a host of museums, art galleries, performing arts and music-related events. Here are some favorite destinations for culture in this vibrant city. Continue reading “Arts and Culture in West Palm Beach, FL” »

  • June13th

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    Set in iconic Sonoma County, California, Glen Ellen is a charming village that offers guests amazing tours, scenic views and incredible food. This incredible little town has incorporated incredible eateries that offer fine dining, carefully crafted cuisine and so much more. It is difficult to choose which locations to dine with when you are in the area, but by using the reviews of fellow diners, this top three list offers you some wonderful options to try.

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  • May24th

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    With summer just around the corner, there is no better way to enjoy the season than attending celebrations of music, art, dance, and theater. And there is no better place to enjoy them than in cities located throughout Southern Connecticut, where a vast array of festivals ranging from family-friendly events to adult nights out on the town occur all summer long.

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  • April26th

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    Canada is known for many things, including its maple syrup, nice people, and ice hockey. Canada is also known for its beauty and the wide variety of fun places to explore within its borders, from bustling cities to breathtaking terrain. Here are the best places to visit in Canada.


    If you’re looking to experience a big-city vibe, head to Toronto, Canada’s biggest city. It is incredibly culturally diverse, meaning you can explore Greektown, Little Italy, and Koreatown all in one place. You can easily get around with public transportation to see all its sights, from museums and art galleries to aquariums and markets.


    Vancouver is a beautiful city surrounded by mountains and is perfect for any nature lover who also likes to explore the city. Visit national parks, hike mountains, hit the beach, and tour the local market all in one day.


    Travel back in time with a visit to Victoria. The city is known for keeping in touch with its British roots, meaning you’ll get to experience authentic English afternoon tea and tour castles. There are also several notable museums to visit, and the harbor is a must-see.

    Prince Edward Island

    Visit the place Ann of Green Gables called home. Prince Edward Island is far from bustling but offers beautiful views and plenty of relaxing activities. Eating fresh seafood, reading a book on the beach, and catching sight of some of the island’s cute harp seals sounds like a perfect day to us.


    If you want to see 18th century architecture juxtaposed with skyscrapers, head to Montreal. You’ll experience French Canada and feel like you’ve been transported to Europe. Visit the city’s world-class museums and take a carriage ride on the quaint cobblestone streets.

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  • April12th

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    Want to find a new place to eat on date night? Look no further than Healdsburg, California. Healdsburg is located in the Sonoma Valley and is the perfect wine country getaway without all the crowds. Complete your romantic getaway with a stay at a romantic Healdsburg hotel. Here are some of the best romantic restaurants for your Healdsburg date night.

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