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With our digital generation, more and more advertisers are turning to the internet for advertising purposes. This doesn’t mean print is dead. Advertisers are just looking for more creative ways to stretch their print advertising budget. Especially for the fashion industry and businesses who advertise in trade publications, print advertising is still relevant. Here are a few ideas for your next print advertisement and how you can make readers interested in your advertisements.

Mobile interactivity

I think we can all say that QR codes may be phasing out. That doesn’t mean you can’t have your print advertisement be interactive with mobile devices. These ads work best for businesses that have some kind of technology component. This can be anything from downloading an accompanying mobile app, integrating Snapchat, or text message code offers. Volkswagen came out with a test drive print ad for Norwegian magazines back in 2011. Readers could download an app that let them “test drive” a car on the printed road in the magazine.

Solar energy

Solar power isn’t necessarily a new piece of technology, but more and more advertisers are integrating it into their print ads. This is especially useful for companies in the environmental industry or even companies that utilize the sun for business. Nivea came out with a magazine advertisement for their new suntan lotion line that doubles as a solar phone charger for the beach. Another great idea would be to create a black and white ad that changes color in the sun.

Using the fold

We’ve seen several great examples of companies utilizing the page fold to their design advantage. This also gives you a whole two page spread that the reader will definitely see as they’re flipping through their magazine. We’ve all seen those pharmaceutical ads that just spread across the fold and don’t utilize it for creative design. One good example of creative fold use is Apple’s 2011 ad for the MacBook Pro Ultra Thin. The design makes the reader feel like they’re looking at a real laptop.

Powerful photography

More and more brands are using powerful photography to speak for their products and services. This is especially apparent for non-profits and charities who work off human emotion to initiate a response from their ads. Visuals dominate in advertising and using them could make or break how well your advertisement performs. WWF released a magazine ad with a photo of a polar bear in an auto garage with the message that the environment can’t be simply fixed like a car. Readers typically won’t read a lengthy message on a print advertisement. Your photos and design must speak for themselves.

About the author: Lauren is a guest contributor from Modern Litho, a commercial and digital printing company that offers printing services for a variety of industries. 

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