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Selecting the proper budgeting software for your business is important; the right software makes your business run more smoothly and efficiently, while the wrong product creates numerous problems. With the many software options available, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed when looking for a new program. However, following a few basic criteria can help you determine the software that is the best fit for your budgeting needs.
software illustrationLook at the Big Picture

Start by determining your reasons for looking at new software; create a list of needs and wants that budgeting software should address. The needs list should be short and focus on things that are vital for the software to provide for your business, while the wants list should be much broader and organized by importance. Big picture planning also includes determining how much you can afford to spend on the software. When deciding on a budget, keep in mind any recurring costs or hardware costs that may be associated with implementing your new software.

Narrow Your Options

Based on your needs list and budget, you should be able to quickly eliminate a number of budgeting programs due to a lack of necessary features or too high a price. Reduce the options to 4-5 top picks that fit your needs and budget, looking for software from companies that specialize in supporting your type or size of business, offer good support for the product, and create products that integrate well with other software.

Evaluate Your Short List

Use your wants list to compare the software packages on your list of top choices. Which software best matches the items on your wants list? Consider whether any planned product enhancements will offer additional benefits and how quickly they will be available to you.

Demo the Finalists

Most companies provide demos of their software, either available to download or on a CD. Demo your top choices to get a feel for the software and look for the best fit in terms of ease of use. Choose the top couple options that you are comfortable with and ask for feedback from the employees in your company who will be using the budgeting software. This not only provides valuable information about which software will work well for your business, but also involves your employees in the process which will make implementation easier since they are more likely to be on-board. Make sure you are comfortable with the product and the company before making a final decision.

By using the big picture to narrow your software options, testing the package, and getting feedback from your staff, you can choose budgeting software that will work well for your business model and needs.

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