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Many people want to get married on the beach in Maine, but they don’t know how to plan or prepare. You’ll need to think about accessibility, permits and ordinances, privacy and how to dress and decorate. We’re here to help you plan your perfect beach wedding in Maine with all the details.

Accessibility is one thing you should consider before you start planning your beach wedding. Will people who are in wheelchairs be able to make it to your wedding on the beach? Will your guests be sitting or standing? You’ll need to consider who is invited to your wedding, and determine if they need any additional accommodations.

Permits and ordinances
You’ll need to determine if you need permits to have your wedding on a public beach in Maine. You’ll want to research noise ordinances in the area, and follow the rules if there is one.

Hire a wedding planner
You’ll want to consider hiring a wedding planner who has previously planned a beach wedding to help you. They’ll know about the local ordinances and permits that you may need and can recommend venues based on what you’re looking for and your budget.

Most beaches are public, but some of them are private. If you’re having your wedding on a public beach, you’ll want to remember that the beach will likely be crowded on the weekends and on holiday weekends. You also may not be allowed to set up canopies, aisle runners or chairs.

Veils and shoes
If it’ll be a windy day on the beach when you get married, wearing a veil won’t be ideal. You also should avoid wearing heels on your wedding day. Heels and sand don’t mix.  Instead, you’ll want to wear flat-soled sandals, espadrilles or wedges. You probably will want to wear shoes because the sand may be hot on your feet. If you’re allowed to have an aisle runner on the beach, you’ll want it to be made of fabric or thick flower petals to keep your feet cool.

Consider an updo
Updos are the best wedding hairstyles for those windy beach days. Placing your hair in an updo will ensure that it won’t get blown around or messed up during the wedding. If you want to have your hair down for the wedding, you’ll want to consider hiring a stylist that can fix it throughout the day.

If the city allows you to have decor on the beach, you’ll want to choose decor that contrasts with the sand and the surf. You don’t want to choose colors that’ll blend in with the sand and the surf. Avoid corals, greens, and other vibrant colors.

Consider a beach hotel
If you don’t want to get married on a public beach, you may want to consider getting married at a beach hotel, like Newagen Seaside Inn. Getting married at a hotel on the beach will ensure that you, your partner and your guests’ will have some privacy and you can stay right on the grounds.

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