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One of the better ways to get more value out of your commercial building is to use the areas that are neglected. When you upgrade or remodel any part of your building, you are also making your property easier to sell down the line when that day comes.

First Things First – a PCA

But hold on partner, if you’re putting together all these ideas from scratch, you may not be aware that you’re breaking a few laws. If you’re thinking about buying a property, and then making all of these changes, it would be a good idea to get a Property Condition Assessment (PCA). There are number of providers that provide PCAs, but it is important to choose a reputable provider. A company like PM Environmental provides Property Condition Assessments that closely follow ASTM E2018 standards.

Getting a Property Condition Assessment is especially important if you feel that the property is, or was, at risk of pollution damages. Not only would that affect the price of the property, it would affect your health if you’re making big basement renovations. PCAs look for environmental contaminants that are not only bad for the environment but your health and your employees health. If toxins like radon, asbestos or lead are present in your building basement, they will find them and devise a plan for remediation.

Refinishing an Unfinished Commercial Building

If your building has a basement that is unfinished, that may be the next property project you want to tackle. Basement ideas are hot right now as business owners realize that a finished basement can add significant space and room to their building’s property. You can turn that basement into almost anything you want and creativity is the only thing holding you back.

If you have always wanted an extra room for offices, storage or to relocate materials to free up valuable space in your property.

One thing your basement may not have is a lot of windows and electrical outlets. This means you may need to get an electrician in to add outlets so that you can have ample lighting down there. With any area that tends to be dark, you might also want to pay special attention to your basement color ideas because you don’t want to be constructing a dark dungeon and you want to have good lighting.

Adding Additional Features

Adding a bathroom to the basement area can give the space some versatility. Buildings often lack enough bathroom spaces it is nice to have one down there so people don’t have to go to the upper floors every time nature calls.

The more features you can add will pay off in the long run and it is best to do everything at once. How many times have you heard someone make additions or renovations to their property only to realize years later that they should have done just a little more?

All in all, put together a plan before breaking out the tools. Ensuring your finances and resources are all in order can save you a whole lot of money, time and energy. Best of luck!

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