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Train vacations are the next up-and-coming trend in travel. Not only are you traveling to exciting places, the journey is just as fun. You get to see gorgeous views and walk about the cabins comfortably. Train travel is a must do for any traveler in 2017; here’s why.

Travel to more places for your money

Air travel can be costly, while train travel lets you stop in several places for one set price. Think about it this way: Would you rather fly from Chicago to California, or take a train from Chicago to California that also stops in six other states?

Meet new people

Train travel doesn’t confine you to one seat. On train vacations, you will be traveling with a group of people that have the same travel interests. A long trip will allow you to explore the cabins and meet people looking for something to do while getting to the next destination. If making more friends was one of your new year’s resolutions, a train vacation can help you out.

Discover new places

Even if you’ve never thought of going to New Mexico, it may be on your train vacation itinerary. Train travel allows you to have an open mind to exploring new places. Train vacations typically stop at the must-see destinations (The Grand Canyon, Washington D.C., Yosemite). However, most train vacations also feature the hidden gems of the region you’re exploring.

Learn something

Train vacations often are accompanied by guides who are knowledgeable about each destination. A train vacation is like a history class, but you’re immersed in the lesson. Interested in learning about the wildlife in Yosemite? Or, the history of the Liberty Bell? There’s a train vacation for that.

Comfort is key

Train vacations are the most comfortable way to travel. Train vacations usually offer dining options on the train and comfortable sleeping accommodations. You can get up and walk around while being surrounded by spectacular views. Train vacations have a set itinerary so there’s no need to hassle with planning.

Train vacations are a unique and fun way to see a whole region of the United States or even a different country. America by Rail is a great place to book your train vacation. They offer fully escorted train tour packages in regions of America and Canada.



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