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sunset on beachIf you’re heading to Maryland anytime soon, then you should head for its most Eastern coast to experience some of the best beaches around. Whether you wish to do a bit of swimming or just enjoy the natural beauty, Maryland has beaches fit for everyone’s needs. To make sure that you don’t miss out on Maryland’s best beaches, make sure you visit the following locations.

1. Betterton Beach

If you love a public beach that offers some form of intimacy, then you should head down to Betterton Beach. Because it’s smaller than several other beaches that Maryland boasts, this beach doesn’t see as much traffic. As a result, you can lounge in the sand with your family and friends without worrying too much about other visitors. Many locals consider this beach to be safe for kids, too, as the waves are typically quite gentle.

2. Breezy Point Beach

One of the best aspects of this beach is that it’s also a campground. So, if you love the idea of camping on the beach or near enough, then you should make your way to Breezy Point Beach. You can easily fish, swim, kayak, boat, and do other water activities just a short walk from your tent or RV. The campground itself also has festivals and events featuring live music and other great activities for the entire family.

3. North Beach

Another beach that offers great views is Maryland Beach. This stretch of gorgeous sand gives plenty of room for your family to throw down their towels and beach chairs and enjoy the sun. The water is clear and offers wonderful views of the ocean. Around the area, you can find lots of businesses offering tours and other fun water activities that the entire family can do.

4. Ocean City Beach

No beach visit is complete in Maryland without visiting Ocean City Beach. Not only is this a large stretch of sandy beach, but it also has a boardwalk with lots of food vendors and games to be found. Families can take in the ocean views and watch large boats pass by. You can even go on your boat and ride the waves of the ocean.

Maryland’s beaches have a lot to offer everyone. Be sure to visit one or all of the beaches listed here for maximum fun.

Where to Stay

When it comes to finding a place to stay in Maryland, there are many different options for you. From vacation rentals to hotels, you will definitely be able to find somewhere to stay that can accommodate you and all of your guests. We recommend Eastern Shore Vacation Rentals for vacation homes that can meet your needs and desires during your trip to Maryland’s Eastern Shore!

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