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Canada is known for many things, including its maple syrup, nice people, and ice hockey. Canada is also known for its beauty and the wide variety of fun places to explore within its borders, from bustling cities to breathtaking terrain. Here are the best places to visit in Canada.


If you’re looking to experience a big-city vibe, head to Toronto, Canada’s biggest city. It is incredibly culturally diverse, meaning you can explore Greektown, Little Italy, and Koreatown all in one place. You can easily get around with public transportation to see all its sights, from museums and art galleries to aquariums and markets.


Vancouver is a beautiful city surrounded by mountains and is perfect for any nature lover who also likes to explore the city. Visit national parks, hike mountains, hit the beach, and tour the local market all in one day.


Travel back in time with a visit to Victoria. The city is known for keeping in touch with its British roots, meaning you’ll get to experience authentic English afternoon tea and tour castles. There are also several notable museums to visit, and the harbor is a must-see.

Prince Edward Island

Visit the place Ann of Green Gables called home. Prince Edward Island is far from bustling but offers beautiful views and plenty of relaxing activities. Eating fresh seafood, reading a book on the beach, and catching sight of some of the island’s cute harp seals sounds like a perfect day to us.


If you want to see 18th century architecture juxtaposed with skyscrapers, head to Montreal. You’ll experience French Canada and feel like you’ve been transported to Europe. Visit the city’s world-class museums and take a carriage ride on the quaint cobblestone streets.

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