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Unique Gift Ideas for the Hipster in Your LifeHipsters can be difficult to shop for. They are up on all the latest trends and usually have very particular tastes, but you can’t just pretend like your forgot their birthday or ignore them over the holidays. Besides, shopping for hipsters can be fun. Sometimes, you find really interesting things, but sometimes you come up empty handed. For those situations, here are a few ideas to make sure your favorite hipster’s gifts are covered.

Craft Beer

Clearly, this one only applies if your hipster is over 21, but craft beer can be a great gift for hipsters, and even millennials in general. The clear majority of beer available in the United States is produced by a handful of companies, but there are a million craft breweries out there. Craft beers come in large varieties to fit every taste, and they are often sold by the bottle, providing a great opportunity to gift a sampling set to make sure at least one of your picks is a winner. You could even pick up a few for yourself and spend some time catching up. If you know for sure that your hipster doesn’t like beer, however, there are plenty of small distilleries out there too.

TeaUnique Gift Ideas for the Hipster in Your Life

Not everyone is an alcohol drinker, but most hipsters I’ve met enjoy a good tea. Just like craft beers, the variety of flavors and brands is endless. You can pick out their favorite kind or send them few types to try out. Some companies like Newby Teas even put them in perfect gift sets for you. If you don’t want to gift the tea itself, tea has a huge culture surrounding it, meaning you can gift any number of accessories for it instead. There are teapots in every shape and size, cups, strainers, filters, and so much more. Throw together a gift basket for a present any hipster is sure to love.

Anything Environmentally Friendly

Environmental conscientiousness is a huge movement right now, meaning you can find these types of gifts just about everywhere. Whether it’s biodegradable or recycled, purchasing these items will not only impress your hipsters but give you an opportunity to help the planet and maybe even donate to a worthy cause at the same time as many items like this are made to raise money for charities and organizations. The best part is, you can pick anything that could make your hipster happy as so many environmentally-friendly items are made. Bracelets, shirts, jewelry, household items, decorations, and dishes are just a small number of the possibilities.

Unique Gift Ideas for the Hipster in Your LifeTerrariums

Giving a plant as a housewarming gift is always a classic, but terrariums are a truly unique gift that can last a long time and work for anyone. Terrariums are mostly self-sustaining, so even if the hipster in your life can barely keep a cactus alive, this is a perfect gift. They add color to any room, are usually environmentally-friendly, and involve the nature hipsters are known to love. They even come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so you can make sure to get the perfect one for any space.

Quirky Art

Hipsters love quirky things, mostly because they, themselves, are quirky. If you’ve ever been over to a hipster’s home, you’ve probably noticed an interesting picture or two. Drawings or bohemian elephants, instructional palm-reading guides, maps of random cities, and patterned tapestries are just a few of the interesting décor choices I’ve seen lining a hipster’s walls. If they aren’t into art, you can always find pillows, blankets, and even coffee mugs with quirky designs they’re sure to love.

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