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More than just a source of social-media worthy photos, the 360-mile long Oregon Coast has something to offer to those who live for the excitement of indulging in watersports. Below are just several options to choose from during an Oregon vacation.

Shore Diving and Snorkelling
There are several areas along the Oregon Coast that can be explored through shore diving. Some of the well-known sites are located in Tillamook on the Northern Oregon Coast where Dungeness crabs, perch, and other marine life can be found. Other great locations include Newport and Florence in the Central Coast. While the variable weather and tide conditions, as well as strong currents, present a challenge, the diverse marine sources teeming in the underwater landscape makes it worth the effort.

Surfing and surf watching enthusiasts will enjoy the variety of options along the Oregon Coast that caters to beginners and professionals. For those who like cold water surfing, this is a big thing in the local surfing community. Several great options for cold surfers include Pacific City, Otter Rock, and Seaside Cove. Otter Rock is famous for the Devil’s Punchbowl rock formation, aptly named for its unique natural feature.

Kayaking and Paddling
Kayaking in Oregon’s waterways is always a part of a great outdoor adventure list. In the Southern Oregon Coast, there are options to explore coves, caves, and natural rock forms via kayak. The Arches Territory within the national park has unique rock formations that attract kayakers from all over. Exploring the coastal estuaries and bays also offers an opportunity to observe local marine and bird wildlife in their natural habitat.

Recreational Fishing
Fishing on the Oregon Coast also includes recreational crabbing and clamming. Recreational fishing spots are available throughout the coast where boats can be chartered for individual or groups of anglers. The choice of fish varies from season to season. However, crabbing and clamming opportunities are available throughout the year, depending on weather and coastal conditions. The local department of fish and wildlife posts information on regulations and seasonal catch.

Windsurfing and Kiteboarding
The Oregon Coast has several sites that are perfect for windsurfing and kiteboarding. The North Oregon Coast has several options, from Manzanita to Netarts Bay where enthusiasts can launch from shore. The locations differ based on the wind and wave factor, among others. What ties them together are the great ocean views.

For those who are looking for a water adventure, the Oregon Coast offers a lot of options. From the North to the Southern Oregon Coast, there is something to satisfy the adventurous soul looking for a perfect spot for water sports. If you’re looking to be near the water during your entire vacation, Oregon Coast vacation rentals are a great option for water sports lovers.

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