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wide format printerI’ve been to a number of trade shows over the years and one thing that I always realize is that signage really matters at trade shows. There tend to be a million things going on at once, so as a visitor, how do you decide where to go and how to spend your time? Signage!

Getting your business to be part of a trade show can be exciting, until you realize there is a lot of preparation that you need to do. Perhaps the most important aspect of a trade show that requires planning is the trade show banner. While you will use wide format printing to get the actual banner, the planning of that banner is crucial. A good trade show banner can make your business stand out, and a lackluster one could ruin the entire experience. Here are a few things to consider.

Do research.

Before designing the trade show banner, it would be wise to determine what exactly you want it to say and what your potential prospects really want. This will require some research to see what is attractive to prospects. The overall message on the trade show banner should be simple to understand and it should get right to the point. You need to display what makes your business unique and what specific solutions you offer to clients.

The right text.

Because you want your trade show banner to attract prospects, it would be helpful to make sure your text is printed with large letters. It would be wise to stay away from all caps in your text because it can be too intimidating. Instead, use upper case and lower case letters. One thing that could be useful is a nice catchphrase.

Images that stand out.

To make your trade show banner truly memorable, you need the right images. These images should be bright, colorful, vibrant and easy to understand. And in some cases, having fewer images on the banner might be better.

Technical extras.

Trade show displays are evolving thanks to technology. Some businesses use different types of lighting to make their banners stand out. And sometimes multimedia displays, with photos or videos, are used next to banners.

Use professional printing.

After designing the perfect trade show banner, it is now time to print it out. Because of the large format or graphics involved, wide format printing is the best option available. If you follow these tips, you will have a great trade show banner.

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