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You will more than likely be operating a forklift if you recently got a new job at a warehouse or in manufacturing. So, what do you wear? It’s important to put your safety first whenever you operate machinery. Now that you have your forklift operating license, it’s time to learn what to wear while operating. Here are some tips for anyone that operates a forklift for work.

Avoid loose clothing

Loose clothing can get caught in the machine. This can lead to tears or you getting stuck on a part of your forklift. Make sure to tuck in your shirt if it hangs out or wear a snug fitting shirt. Entanglement in your machinery can be more serious than you anticipate.

Wear gloves and a hat

When handling frozen foods for your forklift operating job, a warm hat and gloves are essential. Spending part of your shift in a freezer may be unavoidable. Take this extra precaution so your hands don’t tense up while operating. Being cold can be uncomfortable for you and potentially dangerous.

Check your job’s requirements

Certain forklift operating jobs require you wear a special uniform or specific gear. Pay attention during your training and be mindful of what your job expects of you. You don’t want to be that employee that shows up to a job that requires a uniform in jeans and a t-shirt. This is for your safety and company policy.

Wear high-visibility clothing

High-visibility clothing may be a requirement for your forklift operating job. This is to make sure other drivers know where you are. This is an easy way to avoid accidents in potentially low-light conditions. There are a lot of distractions and loud noises in warehouses and manufacturing situations. It’s best to be safe and ask your employer where to get a high-visibility jacket or article of clothing.

Some forklift operating jobs may require you to wear a hard hat and safety goggles along with these tips. These tips can depend on the environment you work in and what will make you feel the safest. Your job will have OSHA materials to help you when you aren’t sure if your workwear is safe enough.

About the author: Ali is a guest contributor from Daily Equipment Company, dedicated to quality new and used forklift trucks and parts.

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